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  1. Great bike and no surprise. It was a DB kinda month really. Beautifully presented and deserving.
  2. "81" PK RIPPER OG Tuff 2's with metal flanges Minty Blue Tuff Neck stem Tange 125 headset Blue Cooks Bro Bars (repro) AM'E Unitron grips Addicks chain wheel, Addicks seat post clamp, Blue Haro lever 83 stamped Dia Comp 1000's, Blue Elina seat, Maxi Cross cranks OGK race plate with Custom decal
  3. Looks like I missed a stella swappy and ride with the sun shinning, superb pics PeteH.
  4. Great work Brett. Love the Ripper.
  5. Wow, love the black shadow Arch. Killer build.
  6. True but the slingshot on the OZBMX Instagram page only has 104 likes and out classes all three IMO. Stats can show you anything you want it to show. I wouldn't be using Instagram likes as a credible reference just quietly as its open to anyone to like and comment. The interesting stat here is how popular other social media sites are and how OZ has taken a nose dive. We used to have 20+ bikes going head to head now we only have 3..... go figure.
  7. Lovely ripper. Cracking pics too Brett. Voted!
  8. Nice pics pete. Shame weatherturned but the regs still hot out for a squirt good to see. Fisho im keen for a ride tomoz bro. I can catchyas at the station. Chuck it up on rrrv thread and on fb. Get peeps "g-ed" up bud.
  9. Love em. Killer rigs.
  10. Yep, looks familiar. Almost took out BOTY a few years back. A little controversial some would say...lol....... Phase 2 Taipan sold it a few years back now. Thanks for the memories Olds Cool
  11. Mad rig ads. Love it brother, Congrats
  12. In and out for me tomorrow. Family commitments so dropping off and running. Hope the weather holds out for you lads.
  13. Yes but don't take the good work of the few that post up pics for granted. They did it because of the love of the hobby. Start barking orders because you think this site and members owes you an existance is what kills the site and hobby. Its happening on fb too not just here. Time will tell. All the best to the new owner and his minions of mods. Hopefully politics gets pushed aside for the hobby to come back to life.
  14. Wow, news.com are really on the ball with this one.
  15. Damn!!!! looks ballistic Mickey.