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  1. My 10yo on the supermax I built for him.... (Still have to swap forks/stem/bars for proper supermax parts which I have bought..., will get around to it one day )
  2. Never let any woman walk home alone at that time of night, especially drunk, even if its just around the corner. The husband and the people at the work party are going to beat themselves up over this for the rest of their lives. No way would I let my mrs or daughters walk alone at that time of night anywhere. Tell em to ring and I would go and pick them up, anytime, anywhere. Hang the prick who did it.
  3. It is probably hard to remember in the heat of the moment with adrenalin etc, but a couple of mobile phone pics would help too in those situations. A mate and I just bought our first road bikes, and sure enough within 3 weeks we wrote them off - but it wasn't our fault An oncoming driver turned right in front of us, saw us (after stopping, starting, stopping, then going again), shit himself, stopped dead across both lanes, my mate hit the front of the car and I hit the back..... Anyways, he was unlicensed and in an unregistered car, with fake hand painted number plates (on a 2 year old commodore!). He obviously wanted to handle things privately too, but we went to police, they gave us his real details no problems at all, and then we went through insurance. He would have got his arse reamed from them hahaha. He was a pretty well off Indian bloke in a big flash house too.....
  4. whoops my mistake, jumped to conclusions. yes it does look more like flouros. all good.
  5. eek thats amazing! The only thing I would do is cover the skylights or put shadecloth over them? UV light over years will fade bits yeah? Even if the laserlight is UV cutting?? Dunno just a thought.
  6. I think this one was a genuine mistake, not trying to rip people off. I hope people told him kindly first without ripping his head off. If he gives smartass response or tells you to get fkd, then rip his head off! 4 months ago I would not have known the difference either. He has probably built it up thinking it was a real goose. I thought any bike with hole gusset was a mongoose haha, didn't realise there were so many copies! Without vintagemongoose, this site, bmx museum etc I would never have known! At least he has updated his ad. As it sits it still looks good, perfect for some kid to ride around the joint, still worth couple hundred.
  7. I am new to this game, never had a bike with this gear on bitd, so its all same same to me.... I just bought a set along with a heap of other gear from lmusket, very happy with his service and his parts. Besides needing 3 hands they were ok to set up (even for a newbie). But even with the skyway pads I can't lock up the brakes........ Any tips?? (besides not running tuffs haha???) I even sprayed the pads and rims with wd40, that almost made them stop better.. (joking) For my supermax/maxi build I am using all og parts, only thing left for me to get is shimano tourney brakes, but as said by others, I am happy using cheap copies until the real things come along at a price I am willing to pay.......
  8. Cool congrats, great build!
  9. Just a thought, I don't believe you should be able to see the vote results UNTIL you have placed a vote yourself?
  10. linky no worky no more bugger first 5 albums best after that hmmmmmmmmm
  11. lol this bmx shit is a disease hahahaha btw redline, good news, hope it all works out, but take it easy too, extreme lows to extreme highs just don't get too excited, don't take it wrong way, just cruise and see how it all goes!
  12. I was shafted years ago with DD, police didn't give a crap, seller was interstate, banks didn't care.... Now ebay is strictly paypal or cash on pickup.
  13. The worst thing is coppers don't give a crap about this, its petty shit to them and paperwork.... If you pay via direct deposit there isn't much to do besides some hardcore detective work and going to 'confront' the fu***er....... Hopefully paypal protection works if people pay by that.....