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  1. Hey mate ebay dick head got back to me and said he cant pick it up, so if you still want it its yours . Cheers
  2. Ill let you know tomorrow at 12.01pm as it was on ebay and it did sell but hasnt been paid for yet or the buyer hasnt made contact either , so ive just messaged them telling them im giving them till 12pm sunday to make payment otherwise im re selling it and its yours . Cheers Alf.
  4. For sale $150. Genuine survivor condition as far as i know its all og except for the seat but do have the og apollo seat which does have a crack. Rides beautifully ,keep as is or resto it. Pick up is in Canberra .
  5. My new build Torker 2 SN starts with DS7 so its an 87 but how to tell if its 280 360 or 540 The forks have 4 peg holes
  6. How can i tell if my Torker is a 280 360 or 540 SN starts with DS7 ,does that mean its an 1987 ?
  7. M5 means Merida 1985
  8. Im currently building a skyway street styler , i have most of the og parts for it but im still chasing a set of pedals grips and a seat. Does anyone know what kind og pedals and grips the styler came out with ? Im pretty sure it came out with a skyway hot seat ? I doubt ill be able to source an og seat as ive heard there pretty rare. What kind of pedals and seat do people recommend i use if i cant get og parts , im thinking AME grips maybe a kashimax seat ? but pedals im stumped .
  9. Did Skyway O.E. tuffs come out in purple/lilac/lavender ? I have two sets of OE tuffs both in white and both coster brake . I have a streetstyler which im planning to do in a white frame and lilac tuffs , i have never seen lilac/purple OE tuffs aprt from old skyway ads . I dont want to paint the old white OEs that i have but im thinking i dont have any other choice ? Also did OE tuffs come out with rear free wheel ? If anyone has purple free wheel OE tuffs and wants to swap for white hit me up .
  10. Thanks for the help guys , any way of telling what year it is ? Thats a dope looking skyway radpad
  11. serial number
  12. Is this frame a streetstyler or streetbeat ? what year is it and whats the difference between a streetstyler and streetbeat ? ive been told its a streetstyler but i just want to make sure , if it is a streetstyler did they come out with a white frame ? Im thinking of doing it white frame with purple parts .
  13. i like what im hearing pepe
  14. i love the cold weather id rather the cold than hot , i know it can get very very cold in canberra but that doesnt bother me .
  15. im moving from Manly Sydney to Canberra , i know manly is a beautiful place but the prices of rent or to purchase a property is incredible $1 million wont get you a 3/4 bedroom house