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  1. Long shot. . Anyone? Considering a purchase.. If anyone has a scan I'd be happy to pay.
  2. Guys , I've got a 2001 volume destroyer frame in good survivor condition, odyssey casket stem,.odyssey gi bars, primo viking searclamp. The start of a good project. But would happily trade for anything hoffman of. Interest..any takers? I know I'm meant to post pics but frames in storage at a mates. . Please delete if not allowed.
  3. Any more pics of the condor?
  4. I can see pics. Knolsy , mine is like yours but grey. Seeing yours has me pumped to start.
  5. Thanks for the link steve. I might just have something in the works though. Daly. You love putting these things together. I suck at it. I like just making stuff shiny. .no need on this one though. .
  6. That's on the cards steve. Thanks. Mate. .I really want to do another condor. Got to find one.
  7. So finally done, Thanks to Dizlord for putting it together, Chris Smith for the wheel building and machining the stem. So as mentioned earlier we had few obstacles. The 1 inch stem had no adapter. I bought an adapter but it wouldnt go in the forks. So chris (kickinitoldschool) lathed it down. The khe grind disc with the weird hole was cut out with a CNC machine by a friends husband. The guy i bought the frame off did a fairly bodgy job of drilling out the front brake hole too causing the front brake to sit at an angle. Anyway, so parts list: 1996 Hoffman Condor frame and fork. 94 decals. Sun rhino lite 48s with Joytech sealed bearing hubs. (built by kickinitoldskool) Primo v monster 2.1 tyres. Unknown (possibly diamondback?) patriot style bars. Hoffman 1inch clamp on stem with custom stem adapter Haro fusion micro adjust seatpost . Odyssey Z77 seat. Odyssey geddagrip grips DIACOMPE dirty harry levers. DIACOMPE 990 rear brake ACS Boa front brake 10mm bolt Primo pervert with Odyssey lower gyro cable Lizard skins gyro cover with custom flamin H hoffman logo. Primo hollowbite cranks Primo super tenderizer pedals KHE grind disc generic 42 tooth chain ring KMC chain. generic pegs from the bargain bin. .
  8. Trickstar.nuckin futs.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. Going to get started on this next if I can't find another hoffman project.
  10. That looks killer mate. .
  11. thanks guys. gordy, I cant see your pics for some reason? was yours the grey frame?
  12. rad. googles not bearing fruit..
  13. hey tank guys. chasing info on this one. 2001 volume destroyer. technically not mid but its not new school either. was this sold as frame set only? if complete what parts? it weighs more than I do... I got this one off a mate. had some high end parts Ive since pillaged. about to finish my condor and think Ill start on this one. got a casket stem, some gi bars and a haro grind disc laying idle to throw.on it. but any info would be tops! thanks guys!
  14. im thinking it was a 2nd. spindle hole was 18mm approx.