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  1. Seat Post Sold.Only the Stem is left as off today, 06 November 2017.
  2. Thanks Agent Smith.
  3. Thanks Robo
  4. Cranks are SOLD
  5. Yes....I am thinning out my collection and only planning to keep a few....
  6. Best to sell them back to the place where I obtained them from....
  7. Hi there OZBMXers, It has been a good more than 2 years since I visited this site.Was too busy with my new career.However,I have these few stuffs up for sale.They all as a matter of fact came from Australia and after show mounted them,I am selling these off due to the nos show mounted frame/fork for the Shimano 4000 which also came from from Australia was sold to a local buyer in Malaysia. First up is a Black DX stem reanno bt Benny1. Show mounted with a very fine hairline scratch near the bolt as pictured. Asking for AUD160 shipped to Australia. Second item is a Shimano DX crank reanno by Benny1 too.Show mounted only so will have some mounting marks which will not be seen once mounted on the bike. Asking for AUD900 shipped to Australia. Third item,a Shimano DX seat post which also came from Australia.It was professionally polished too in Australia with new decals,so I was told. Asking for AUD500 shipped to Australia. Call Dibs followed by PM for paypal details. If you find that the prices are too steep,I am open to offers but those are the price which I've paid for excluding shipping cost more than 2 years ago. Shipping will be via Air Parcel and it takes about 2 to perhaps 3 weeks previously when I send my parts to Australia.I will take the photo of the package plus the tracking number to be included to the buyer once the deal is concluded.I have no idea how much the shipping cost to Australia are these days but I am absorbing the shipping cost plus the paypal fees here. Thank you for watching.
  8. Any Ukai stamping?
  9. Paid as per PM
  10. PM sent
  11. Dibs
  12. Hi there OZBMXers, A few years ago,I remembered there was a NOS YELLOW ELINA ET SEAT at Ebay,I did not win the bid of course.Anyway,I was wondering foes anyone here knows about it or do keep a picture of it? I am still eyeing for one for my ET with yellow/gold parts. Cheers, David
  13. Not many 1985 Made in Japan Laserlite/Nova before Kuwahara shift their production to Taiwan