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    Rat rods/hot rods/pre 90's Holden & Chevy goodness / Oldschool bmx / Oldschool sk8 / Punk, Rockabilly ,Metal etc.
    Campin with mates or the fam & a little moto ridin n 4x4ing.
    Crank that Randall amp to 11 and chug out some Pantera tunes on my Dean FBD !
    R.I.P Dimebag

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    Would really love a quicksilver thruster frameset.........

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  1. Cool thread ! Mine is - The Texas chainsaw massacre. The original is the best.
  2. Looks the goods man Nice spot to be riding her too, Damn it's cold here this morning !!
  3. Boom !! 2 awesome bikes Hmm I've seen that DB somewhere before........ Looks great Clark 👍
  4. Hey Gazz, Hope your enjoying it down in Tassie, Mate if love to come on down for a ride............... Doubt I'll get there though as I can't even seem to make it down to a Newy ride theses days , I've missed the last 2 & I'm spewin
  5. Beautiful bike man ! Congrats on a very deserving win
  6. Look sort of like gt bars but I'm guessing they don't have the stamp
  7. ^^^^^ oh 5hit yeah that's looking great !!
  8. _________________Cheers for the link man.........do we need a pyro or shoties licence to buy these & do they courier these Australia wide do you know joobs ?
  9. _________________ Yep bass & yellow belly like them
  10. $12- post bag Stick em between a few sheets of cardboard & post as a letter.
  11. Fish like em...........even if they do chafe your c0ck haha
  12. Nice one Young bloke would love it I bet !
  13. The countdown is on for me..........40 mins till I finish work n then boom gonna chop right into the bourbon mixers ! Cheers big ears 🍻🍻🍻🍻
  14. Nice one
  15. Bump