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  1. sweet find
  2. thats cool love it
  3. thanks guys, BB cycles is where i got the frame from took 2 weeks to get
  4. at tha track with my son
  5. my new baby pick it up last friday joy to ride im happy
  6. yeah fresh be cool to see some vids of ya freestyle show
  7. thanks again here's the link to the club with all the info
  8. heya peeps need photo's new an old of southside for it's 30th hope to hear from just post them up in here thanks you
  9. gettin breaky
  10. me an tha big boy
  11. one more photo you'll like sorry i did keep a record of the serial number
  12. thanks yeah thats how it came out of the shop
  13. photo from mills park 86 my mate on the DB Shane curtis