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  1. would you take $100 maybe tell us what you want or put it on flee bay ?
  2. clear as mud , looked at it for ages and could not see what to do . thanks
  3. paid thanks
  4. dibs as per pm Max will look good in my new kos
  5. dibs frame / forks Max
  6. more suited for tight arses
  7. its still listed on ebay for $165 so pm the seller
  8. how wide are they ?
  9. just look at the number of fake mongoose gold stems on ebay sold as old items , even going to the trouble of putting stains and rust on them . one person sold over 60 of them all the same with no stem bolt, I checked thru his history i ask him about them no reply ? I would not care if he said they where remade and priced fairly
  10. how many $ dollars, is this for sale am I missing something or any of the other four frames ?
  11. I had a new burnt orange Amaroo back in the day, went to buy a Cross rider comet and they had this in the store ( cycle city Ballarat ) looked like a real bmxer coming from a dragster it was heavy and strong, I hated the built in seat clamp but I raced it till I got a redline mx2 been looking for orange one for a while cheap bikes just dont get saved I guess would love to see some photos if any body has any good luck hope you find one
  12. looks so sweet do you want money for it cant see the price ?
  13. I have only seen the long version in black , don't think they came in colours not sure about chrome
  14. 24 t by the part number