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  1. Fkn Classic Troy but only them other QLD grubs, not I ....
  2. That's a cool bar Tim, I like it
  3. She looks fkn great Andrew, love it mate well done
  4. Hey Drew, cheers mate
  5. G'day Mark, glad you're having a good one buddy Cheers to ya and cheers Jase
  6. Steve it's Tooheys mate... But spelling doesn't matter it's only shitty NSW beer..... Just saying... Having said that I'm on Tallies of Tooheys Old now... Cheers to most... But if I'm honest certainly not to all...
  7. Hand crafted beers from our backyard hey,,, I'd like to know the 'background' behind them... AFD for me...
  8. Yeah well said Glen... Oh and john, seen as you're always harping on about taking it to a pm (which you clearly didn't do here cause you're a troll), turns yours on!!!!!
  9. Agreed totally Clarke... And anyway getting the right info before selling something is still better than flipping it to some poor bastard for something it's not.....
  10. Yep fkn great drop Xave,,, other than being only 3.5%, my honest opinion on these, is they are fkn shit!!!!
  11. Yeah hearin ya Beryl..... Cheers bud, and cheers Andrew
  12. Brought some of these on the way home, but didn't realise they were only 3.5's.... Wtf, that's cruel and un-rum-like....
  13. Yep thank fuck it is Adam!!! Cheers mate, and cheers Slider, enjoy the cricket mate... On the Bigheads atm...
  14. Well that wasn't too hard now was it.... Good luck with the sales Mark...