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  1. Nice wheel set.
  2. Why dont you tell us what they're called
  3. If you want Dan i can sell it for you on Facebook. You'll have a bigger audience
  4. Dibs db stem for bill the dragon slayer
  5. Good for a retro racer
  6. In vic they have started cubing stuff like that.width at longes point. Height at longest point and depth at highest point.
  7. Everyone understands that bmxa have the pre 86 rule. So you can't ride a mid 90's bike at Aussies or SA state titles. Rules are pretty basic for Vic. Pre brake post frame. Try and keep it yo 25 years and older. No reissue frames. 1 inch threaded forks. Quill stem Knobby tyres. No micro knobbies or powerblock type tyres. Flat pedals. Any brake mounted via a single bolt. No multi engagement cassette hubs like Crupi, Onyx, profile, Stealth etc. Prefer screw on freewheel There are some serious freewheels out there cheap too. 120 points. The brakes are to keep everyone to the same disadvantage but you can make your brakes work well if you try.
  8. For Vic we run pre brake post. No V brake mounts. For example, a late 80's diamondback reactor and S&M Holmes came with both 990 brake mounts underneath and single bolt provision on top. These frames are ok as long as you use the single bolt brake.
  9. Personally I'd want proof it was stolen. Like the report filled at the police station. You get a copy of the report when lodgex. If the bike actually has his name engraved in it and he has the report to prove it then maybe he'd need to seek legal advice. Otherwise it's just one guys word against anothers. Let Judge Judy deal with it.
  10. What's the date on the Kashimax?
  11. Diamondback 1980 Team Pro
  12. What is the down tube length? And is the top tube measurements center to center?
  13. Interesting. A 5 digit serial number.
  14. Did they make a hammerhead in 7/8? I thought they were all 13/16