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  1. And the green roadrunner under the lime green s series
  2. Love the 71 hemi cuda and the red charger was it a 68 or 69 ??
  3. Hey people found out about a month ago that Rusty is a cousin through marriage , he rides for terrible one. Brother in law mention that when he visited his aunty and seen all the frames in the garage . Sic rider and sweet style his a pic of him for the people who don't know him .
  4. I brought one last week ,they good value at $30 I also picked up the bike repair stand also from aldi for $39.95 good quality and a great price
  5. Top job Jase awesome collection credit to you bud !
  6. Parts list 94-95 P61AL frame expert aluminium bars threadless 95 Powerlite forks Powerlite stem Profile ripsaw chainwheel FSA Afterburner cranks mavic hubs laced to mavic rims nos Powerlite seat nos Powerlite decals nos ati pistol grips new kmc black and chrome chain new brake cable lizard skin canti brakes GT racing stem cap GT quick release seat post clamp promax brake lever I think that's it and just to buy comp 3 tan walls and maybe a new seat post
  7. Thanks for the comments guys and all the people who I brought parts off for this build, I was inspired by the all the quality builds on this site. Yep AHR31 wasn't completely happy with the frame so I haven't put them on yet They are the p61 decal set cant find the right p61al decal set bit hard to find. the only difference is the al on the p61 decal I think
  8. I built this up to be a rider so everything is in rider condition or in very good condis. Hope you like so far
  9. Here it is right hand drive Put some GT treaded tyres for the time being going to put some comp 3 tan walls on it soonish.
  10. It was left hand drive when I brought it but it is now right hand drive .
  11. Oh yeah should of mentioned I brought some used mavic xixix rims laced to mavic xixix hubs in very good condis these spin like butter thanks rado
  12. Got some NOS ATI Pistol Grips off Beartrap And just chucked on some used Primo super tenderizers off Gordy gave them a quick polish . Would rather some beartraps but these will do for now.
  13. So its been awhile since I last posted here , had a few set backs with health but now where on the road to recovery. Ive polished the frame and put it all together still need tyres and brake pads. And finally put the decals on the frame so far so nice.
  14. Volcano I want me a 2015 dodge challenger hellcat . I don't care what people have or say need a mopar to catch a mopar . If its not a chrysler dont drive it lol.