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  1. Looking good so far Steve!
  2. I have a very good friend whom I have known since high school (he is my brothers best friend) And he was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 2012 at age 37 and had surgery to remove the tumor. It has since returned and the doctors gave him until September, he is still with us but paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. I last saw him at the end of May when we took him to see X-men Appoccolypse (we are both Sci-Fi geeks) I got a call from his mum last night (she lives in the UK but has been here since January to care for him) and asked if I would like to visit him ( I haven't seen him since the movie as I wasn't sure how I would handle it) I know this sounds selfish but I watched my mum die from Cancer when I was 23 (she was 50) and didn't want to lose my shit in front of him Sorry to get so heavy but the phone call last night really made me think, and yeah I am going to visit him on the weekend as it could be the last time I see him alive. John is one of the best blokes I have met and his illness has really hit home with me. Life is short, don't take anything for granted. And if you feel like donating to a worthy cause, donate to Brain Cancer research, its needs funding! Here's a pic of John just after he recovered from Brain Surgery in 2013, and a current pic taken with his sister this week.
  3. This should help get a decent nights sleep
  4. wow well that post didn't exactly come out how I thought it would. Txt and pics all over the place and I can't delete that last photo
  5. This is my first serious BMX build in 6 years. I have had this 81' Motomag f/f for a number of years and decided to finish it but had a strict budget - so I couldn't get exactly what I wanted, a lot of the parts I had already or re-finished. I am happy with the outcome and reckon it came up ok, hope you like it. I have also included a pic of when I first got this bike 10 years ago
  6. nice, different from the usual. Well done.
  7. Is Roberto still around or have I missed something? I just tried to call his business and it says the number is disconnected
  8. What is that seat clamp? I have something that looks like that
  9. Also known as an Indi 500
  10. mongoose

    is it possible to pick up? What suburb are you in?
  11. very cool. Straight out of 80's
  12. I still miss that bike very much. It was my regular Friday night rider.
  13. here's my first attempt. Turned out well I think