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  1. Very cool. Great colour choice.
  2. Thanks guys It's one of my favorite Cw builds.
  3. Made myself a matching echo helmet
  4. 1985 CW Racing California Freestyle Mike Buff Edition got it as a complete survivor. Just changed the seat, Tyres and brake pads to make it rideable. 85 Mike buff edition frameset Pro neck stem Ame grips Dia compe levers Tuff II's Tioga Comp st Tyres Cw racing 3pce crank Cw lay up seat post Viscount aero seat Buff brake guard Mike buff padset
  5. 85 cw racing california freestyle Mike buff edition
  6. 85 CW Racing California Freestyle
  7. prosixtyfive on here does the Orion decals. 👍
  8. 88 Hutch Trickstar II
  9. 88 Haro FSX
  10. 87 CW California BLVD (ceppie maes)
  11. 85 MCS Styler
  12. Yeah. I missed out on that one. I haven't seen another for sale since. Might have to have one made til I come across one.
  13. Some sturmey hubs laced to buff Z's would be sweet. But I'm going to go all original. Just need to find myself a lay up post. The rest won't be too hard to find.
  14. Thanks. The buff completes my set of the rarer cw freestylers. Unless there's a bone daddy out there somewhere. Lol I'm going to give it a good clean up and that should be it but It would be nice to re finish it. I've been coming across nos parts for it so the frameset may let the build down a little. It'll probably stay as is till I accumulate all the parts though.