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  1. Il be at bmxpo for sure I'm doing a hotfoot with rare OPCs so il bring it along. Sup Raven good to see ur still floating around
  2. Hahaha we need the group hug happening man Hahahaha come here fellas been along time loll lady boy midgets is what I'm in to now lol
  3. yeh love OPCs I need a new boomerang lol
  4. Hi I'm new here I'm after something highend like a hotfoot whats going on homos
  5. 100% bro just want it to go to a new home You know u want it
  6. $1400 pick up Sydney Blacktown only .. Cannot post bike. No time ..
  7. Dibs it's urs Cash on pick up only Blacktown Sydney pick up Up for sale is a very rare 1985 GT world tour surviver Yes it is FS stamped 85 Yes it has twin brake cable guides on the fork Yes it's USA made no Taiwan rubbish here Seat will need replacing to ride one of rails under came out of place got it like that so seat for display only All original parts except for grips and top tube get pad, the full set of pads is included in sale $1600 local pick up Blacktown Sydney will not strip and ship pick up only.
  8. HULKSTER FOR MOD WILL IMPROVE OZBMX. No rules Midget porn threads More talk shiet threads Sky's the limit lol
  9. Still looking for a 90s alien workshop abduction slick bottom board if any of u come across one let me know. It's the one with the black back ground and the human on the table with the aliens around him
  10. If ur guna collect a certain type might as well do it right. Awesome stegs u will love them like i did
  11. Good work to stegs, not so good for hulkster lol he feels lonely now hahaha
  12. Congrats bro Sold
  13. Sold
  14. Sold