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  1.  Good seller, excellent price and packaging and excellent communication. 

  2. Mate if you want a perfect n I mean perfect job/match to this colour the only place to send it is to Robertos in Brisbane. He is a powder (and GT) specialist. Give him a call
  3. Cheers lads
  4. Wow. Chrome looks sweet. Interested to see how the final product will look.
  5. Nrl

    Footy tonight... whose watchin? You n me Andrew...we go to battle tonight Carn the Broncs. Roast those chooks. Thursday up here in Brisvegas. Hope the broncs get a crowd and don't put egg on my face Andrew. Good luck n may the best team win.
  6. Studying
  7. humour the best medicine.
  8. Thanks for the pics lads. Good to see Mick n Rods wives shop at the same place
  9. Fook me that's steep. $121 for us banana benders up here.
  10. cheers lads
  11. Bubbles n bourbon up here. Cheers all
  12. On behalf of one mate to another
  13. Posted on behalf of Scotty (Hence) He was definitely one of the good guys, very knowledgable and a great guy to sit and have a beer and a laugh with. Just recently caught up with him and had beers and a great laugh, it is a very sad and tragic thing!! R.I.P big fella and give them hell up there
  14. R.I.P Ben. Mate you did things your way, a trait I believe should always be admired. Your advice to me was always spot on, your BMX knowledge always above reproach and your wit, well it always raised a smile. The Oz BMX community has lost a leading light.
  15. Afternoon all. Hope your Saturday is treating you well. About to kick off with a few frosty XXXX golds.