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  1. Thanks for the pics mate. Shame it wasn’t this weekend. I’m down in Brisvegas
  2. Cheers mate. Ive sent a PM but cost of postage for an item like this may be prohibitive. A hot foot is low end and this is scrapping the bmx barrel
  3. Yes it’s very low end and I’m not prepared to pay big bucks BUT it was my first BMX and I’m looking to find one. Call me crazy (or half pissed) but nostalgia has kicked in. Let me know what u have. Pick up in Brisbane is preferable as postage kinda kills the deal (unless it’s pay it forward n I’ll pick up postage) I’m not in FB so feel free to spread the word if u know someone with one.
  4. Love it Jas. U thinning the collection mate.
  5. Lovin the plate n DX
  6. Nice survivor frame
  7. Beautiful seat. I rate these way above the lightning bolt seats
  8. Wowza. Things getting insane
  9. Good price mate n lovely parts
  10. I think peeps have trouble finding it these days. It is the little flag next to where it says u last posted. As a past admin it’s a pain trying to check sales when they are not reported. Get on it guys
  11. Get someone to hit up member bear trap on FB. He’s a Torker man. Might pique his interest
  12. If it was North Qld id snap that up
  13. That seats a beauty. Never seen one before.
  14. What r these going on Jas
  15. Nice bars n nice pick up
  16. For sale is the 2014 Adademy Desire 20” ride. Excellent condition. minus brakes. 4130 chromoly frame Pick up only NQ. $200
  17. U mean wipes his hand on the curtains
  18. Few things on offer to Oz BMXers today. I’m not on FB but feel free to share with ya mates who are. Velo Redline stamped lightning bolt seat. With guts. Great condition. $55 posted or offers SR fluted alloy 22.2 seat post. Hard to find Japanese stamped post. Insertion marks but great straight strong seat post and being alloy would come up amazing with a polish. Pics make it look worse than it is. Has fluting running down each side. $55 posted. Redline V-bar n top bar pads. Great pad set for a survivor build and still show off that stem. (repop) $35 posted Don;t be afraid to hit me up with a reasonable offer. Want this gear gone...
  19. How’s $100 posted for the lot sound. Takers?
  20. Mate just a heads up. Sight rules stipulate a price needs to be listed. “ no offers”...
  21. Nice
  22. Looks VM to me. But I’m not wearing my glasses
  23. The haro patch I get but the others... seriously? What relevance to a BMX forum other then trying to cash in?
  24. Could I temp anyone for a package deal? $650 for everything plus actual postage? Direct debit payment only.