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  2. Yes contact and payment details have been exchanged, he wanted buyer protection and go through paypal, which I fully understand. I've had endless dramas with paypal so I gave him my house mates paypal details wednesday. Nothing has been done, no activity on paypal acc and chap who dibbed it won't talk now
  3. Yes it was dibbed last Sat night, I left add open because communication hasn't been great and still awaiting payment. What should I do??? Anyone got an answer please
  4. 1980 PK RIPPER powder coated gloss black with polished chrome parts $2500 Frame - 1980 PK RIPPER powder coated gloss black Forks - Landing Gear powder coated gloss black Bars - Hutch polished chrome Grips - OURY black Stem - Tuff Neck polished chrome Headset - EPOCH shiny gold Seat - Kashimax padded black leather or repop black MX seat Seat post - Strong polished chrome Seat post clamp - Tuff Neck Brakes - Shimano Tourney rear only polished chrome, Dia-Compe MX lever black with Dia -Compe cable black Cranks - Sugino Maxy Cross polished chrome Chain wheel - Tuff Neck 43t polished chrome Chain bolts - Sugno Bottom Bracket - YST water proof sealed bearings Pedals - Shimano DX polished chrome Chain - IZUMI black and chrome Rims - ARAYA 7C Black Hubs - Shimano sealed mechanism Free wheel - Shimano 15t polished chrome Tyres - Compettition 3 Rainbow label label This Bike is a show quality piece of vintage BMX racing history. Buyer will not be disappointed. I think this a fair price, considering all the high end parts sold individually would bring in more. PM for your thoughts. Pick up Brisbane or post/courier Australia wide. Thanks for looking
  5. Are you interested in the black 1980 PK or not as I haven't heard from you since sat nite?

  6. Very nice indeed...
  7. Hi mate, 

    Is that $200 posted to Brisbane for the DX pedals? If so I'll take them. I was really after the blue ones but They look like they are gone. Let me know and if so I'll dib on main page and money transfer tonight if thats ok with you.


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    2. michael_lidis


      Will be dropping by his house in an hour ,send you picks when I get them. My commonwealth bank account is

      063 165 1039 5357. Don't pay till I confirm with you later tonight.




    3. michael_lidis


      Gave my mate the Black pair and got for you the blue pair. Just dib the black pair asap before anyone else dibs, as blue pair is showing as sold on OZ and I no longer have the black pair .If you transfer funds today I can take to work tomorrow and post during lunch.



    4. michael_lidis


      Bud don't pay for pedals , some one dibed before you,and bought the black pedals. Sorry but I need to give it to him. Hope to have another set in a week or two, can keep you in the loop.If you have paid i will refund you the funds. 



  8. What sort of new school bike you after. I have afew but all in pieces at moment.
  9. Dibs Redline. Pm you shortl