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  1. Looked at one of these today. Redline Proline Pitboss $530 The Lil Ripper is $375 The Redline weighs 15lbs the Ripper 20.5lbs
  2. I think this bike is the go. He has riden bikes with hand brakes so he should be right there Ron but a good consideration just the same. Thanks for the input guys.
  3. How you going mate. This bike is the best 16" I have seen so far. As for 5 feb I will probably be pulling a "Lil Ripper" outta a box as thats my boys birthday date.
  4. I am looking at a 2011 Lil Ripper for my 5 year old. Im already doing this one up in my head with retro SE Racing pads and grips but its a lot of cash so I want to know am I looking at the right bike or would you guys suggest another?
  5. Gday Blairy.

  6. No worries at all. Heres a Ronald McDonald pic and another as it look today
  7. I would do it candy apple green with a white top. Not too light a green though. A deep candy green that pops under lights would look very tasty on a 55 body.
  8. I have done it up to replicate my old 80's street thrasher. I’ve reverted back to the KKT pedals (reflectors removed) and have a red vinyl NOS Mongoose pad set and shimano brakes. Also correct bolts on the gooseneck and a few other trick bits. These pics in the link don’t really do it justice with that hanging brake cable but you get the idea. It was a Ronald McDonald bike for a while with yellow ACX MX tuffs but I think the Pro Class rims look heaps better and they already had red inserts so it was meant to be. Want to put the SS bars back on, period race plate and a few other little things. http://www.ozbmx.com.au/index.php?showtopic=4764&st=0&p=24918entry24918
  9. Thats my bike LOL! I bought that bike from you off ebay. You Greyhounded it from Adelaide. I remember that is the same pic you had on ebay. It lives in NSW not QLD remember? It looks a lot different now. That was a good find for 10 bucks man. You stung me just a bit more than that. Thats cool its a good bike. Lucky you didnt say "sold it to some sucker in Sydney" hey LOL!
  10. Thanks fellas. Catch up with you Sunday 8-)
  11. Guys I can only make Sunday and Im bringing my bitchin Mongoose for the display. I have a few nice bits. Some F/F, bars, pedals, Tuffs etc. that I would like to lay out on display with the ultimate goal of someone else taking them home for a modest mates rates price, swap or whatever. Is this sort of thing cool?
  12. Good colour combo
  13. Ride The Lightning

  14. That guy at Kingswood Cycles is a rude prick. Back in the 80s the son of the guy that owned Blaxland Cycles held up the Blaxland Commonwealth Bank with his old mans rifle. He was just a high school kid. Shot at the cops too. Wonder if thats your mate Terry :'(
  15. Yeah he loves his bike. Wanted me to post a pic of it here "for all my friends to see".