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  1. the fire fighters call these WIDOW MAKERS
  2. we are ok for now have our fire plan in place and are ready to leave right away the fire is about 200m away on the other side of the highway from us 2 houses have been lost and so much of our bush snaps for yesterday best i can do for now we have the best fire fighters in the world here and i thank them everyday
  3. dont do anything to drastic just yet what colour bolt do you want ?black or chrome ? pm me ive got what you need yours for nixs to get your haro rolling
  4. lick
  5. heres mine with sum simple upgrades upgraded the seat pedals stem brakes bars and tyres
  6. mines got woolworths under the bb does yours ?
  7. these pics are 2-3 years old its all looking a bit getto now with holes and splits everywhere and doesnt get used anymore and this i wish
  8. frame is a 86 puch freestyler
  9. ive totally lost motivation when it comes to building bikes and it is hard to get out that door with my bike but when i get a chance im rolling down the road peace
  10. 12th if the mans on a goose let him loose classic pic
  11. no way
  12. looks like a gemini i had a while ago
  13. nice man looks cool with the red tuffs glad it went to a good home cheers
  14. i collect these funny shaped things if anyone has any anvils big or small im interested also collect old blacksmith tools , bellows, tongs, forges,and metal bit of coke stuff like yoyos bit of starwars also a bit of australian pottery and furniture
  15. no he closed shop