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  1. up for sale Haro Forks excellend condition New Powercoat black no thread damage Haro Stamped $70 + Shipping
  2. Stem sold
  3. Sold
  4. Red rims sold
  5. Supra rims, bars, GT chrome sold
  6. Will get these off today cheers
  7. Hi mate. Dou have better pic for the GT performance? Cheers

    1. Melnjay


      Hey will take some better pics in the morning 

      cheers jason 

  8. Paypal to cheers
  9. Up for sale Haro blade knee saver bars in new condition $75 plus shipping red 48 hole Hoffman generator rim set new $50 + shipping alloy Alex rims 48 hole rims silver $65 set new hoffman stem chrome $55+ shipping good condition needs polish will come up great have sone other Hoffman gear Pm if interested GTperformer frame not sure of year but it's in good original condition with brake mounts $100 serial number SAMPJ53891 could be 91 year Gt frame/forks could be early 90s chrone would need a bath to clean up surface rust $50
  10. we we could discuss a location and everyone put their thoughts up for ideas on where we could hold it. somehere where we could possibly hold a bbq on the day. Jason
  11. Hey guys/Girls how about we organise a old school freestyle day where everyone brings a old school/mid/new bike and have a trick Comp of the day for fun and food etc Also i I can try and arrange a sponsor for some small prizes etc for the day just a thought to try and get a few of us together