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  1. What about the tyres?
  2. Wow.Very nice Arch.
  3. Thats one i thought you would never let go Arch.
  4. Geez them welds are like butter. Very nice.
  5. Geez wish they were 20 inch and bet im not the only one who wishes that either!
  6. Interested in the pedals if it parts but hope it sells complete for ya.Nice bit of kit with some very nice parts!!
  7. Wow thats different.
  8. Someone buy this sweet lookn thing so i dont keep comn back to look at it.
  9. Any issues with the wheels.Any better pics of the wheels??
  10. And our Dollar has recently dropped twice that.
  11. Sold.Thank F×+k for that!
  12. Great score.
  13. Sold yet???