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  1. is chrome is good! Great start to March.
  2. LOVE IT!!
  3. Mmm need the bars and not the f/f. Thats a great score you got Mr.BMX
  4. Great read so far ! who is doing the nickel?
  5. Yeh i read it after quite a few and It makes more sense through sober eyes.Benny is your man and there is more than a few members on this site that will vouch for his work.
  6. Wrong section mate.Throw this in the Wanted To Buy section and you will have a better chance to get what ya lookn for.
  7. Took ya long enough mate!
  8. Looks great mate.
  9. Yeh mate og.only one ive ever seen!not that you see that many of these heavy old things!
  10. geez that looks sweet even with the repop parts.if that seat post is repop where did you score it from? i need one for my 82 pk if its 13/16 size.
  11. its not a Madison of any make,model or phase. As olds cool said drops are completely different to a phase1 Taipan.
  12. geez another tuff month to pick a winner.some crackin builds already and so early in the month.