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  1. For Sale, 1 pair O/S 26x1.50 Ukai Cruiser/Fixie Hoops perfect for a rider. 1 pair Rare 26x1.50 Odyssey O/S Barefeet Tyres in near Mint Condition, For sale Separate or together. Dibs Rules and PayPal Preferred, if you ain't got the $ now please don't Dibs. Thanks for looking. Ukai Rims O/S 1 pair 20x1.50..................$60.00 posted Odyssey O/S 20x1.50 Barefeet Tyres.......$80.00 posted Samurai
  2. LAST CHANCE before they go to Ebay. Samurai
  3. LAST CHANCE on these before Ebay. Samurai
  4. This is a Complete Set of Ukai 20x1.3/8 Rims, O/S Flip Flop polished Hubs, New S/S Spokes with Alloy Nipples Fitted with New IRC Siren sx Tyres (never been ridden on) and Tubes and a New 16 Tooth Sprocket. Rims and hubs are in Good Condition. Price $200.00 AUD Posted Pay Pal Preferred and Dibs is Law, if you can't pay now don't dibs please. Thanks for looking Samurai
  5. These Plates are being relisted due to payment failure. First up is a 1982 Black Face Invada Plate still had original stickers from 82. Second up is a 1983 NSW No1 State Plate from the tittles held at Cardiff track in Newcastle 83. Both plates are in Great Condition, the State Plate has never been used. Pay Pal Prefered and Dibs Rules if you ain't got the $ don't dibs Thanks for looking. Black Plate.........$80.00 AUD posted State No1 Plate...$100.00 AUD posted Samurai
  6. LOCKS SOLD, thank you. Samurai
  7. For Sale, three Old School Lander Headset Locks (used) these are not repo locks but Original UK Lander 80s Old School. Also a Lander Air Flow Race Plate, what you see is what you get. Dibs is Law. Thanks For Looking. Lander Headset Locks (3 lot).................$65.00 AUD posted Lander Race Plate.................................$40.00 AUD posted Samurai
  8. PRICE DROP on these two items, were $70 posted each. NOW $60.00 POSTED for each item. Cheers
  9. Two Sets of GT Pads left. Cheers
  10. This Sale is for a Complete Set Dia-Compe O/S 730 rear brake kit Dia-Compe 730 Calipers dated 1985 in Near Mint Condition, complete with New Cable/fittings, Repo style Skyway pads and New repo Dia-Compe Lever fited with O/S Lever Cover. Ideal for that build with 20x1. 3/8 wheels. The Caliper are show polished and only ever been on Show Bike, never ridden. Also Set Mid School GT Chrome Fork. Except for one chip they would be Almost Mint Condition. Thanks For Looking. Brakes Price........ $70.00 posted. Dibs Rules, PayPal preferred. GT Forks Price....$70.00 posted. Cheers Samurai
  11. Maybe they were all just Berm Sitters, BITD Samurai
  12. Black/Yellow Norco B1B Grips SOLD. Thank you. Samurai
  13. Black GT Chain wheel Sold. Cheers and Thanks Samurai