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  1. What A perfect day, props to the boys for putting on A fantastic show and congratulations to all the winners. And to top it off an STR-1.
  2. Hey Mickey. Thanks bud. Great the weather is looking good. I'm sure it's going to be another great event you guys are putting on. See ya soon.
  3. Loaded.
  4. Hey Mickey. How you doin? If thats the frame, fork and bars you picked up from me, Jeff sold it to me as A 1983. Nice job man.
  5. ^ Yeah, the new ones are stamped underneath with a serial number, also the logo on the top cap looks like its laser etched, the original ones are stamped. Looks like I let my Profile gear go at the right time.
  6. Thanks for the props D. The cranks are Bullseye big tube cranks, they are very similar to the safety cranks. The only difference is on the drive side. Both big tube and safety cranks were manufactured in low numbers, about 25 sets of each in around 1984. They also run the older style 3 piece bottom bracket same as the Hurricane cranks. N.
  7. All i got is 1 crappy iPhone pic of A Jad. Love the Jad.
  8. Hi guys. What A great day that the boys put on for us, from start to finish the event was excellent, so thanks to Billy, Mickey and Joe. With A big turnout , would have been twice the size of last years event. Congrulations to all the other winner and thanks for the trophies guys. Cheers. Nick. Nikktp, your collection is crazy.
  9. Looks like some serious piece of machinery you got there Nik. Just dope.
  10. Thanks Ben. Are you going to make an appearance on Sunday? If you do I guess you will be taking out the 80's race bike.
  11. Thanks mate, yeah the Link will be there, I will also be taking my 84 Master and parking it right beside your Unlimited.
  12. Hi guys. All set for the show but just wanted to no what time the event starts and finishes ? Thanks Nick.
  13. Hi Darryl. Yeah, won't be A problem, just get A bike box and drop it at the oversize luggage. As long as you don't exceed you baggage allowance it's free, usually 23kg. I travel a lot and see people all the time with large bikes. N.
  14. Got 3 in the bag for sure, just working on the forth now, just don't no if I should bring the Technique or A crazy rare Hawk, any suggestions boys?
  15. Thanks Joe, looking forward to it. Will have to dust off A couple of my gems them.