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  1. Ouch
  2. I remember drooling over this bike in "American Freestyler" magazine when I was a paper boy. Nice bike Occy, cool name too
  3. Yep helmet on, and lights front and back. Playing the waiting game now to see what's in the mail for me? Why did he not give me a ticket. I've always received a ticket for an infringement before.
  4. Yep Singleton NSW. It could have been a lot worse if he had of put me on the bag, I had already had a few beers before I went out, which is why I was on the bike, and the footpath. But I was guilty of shooting across the pedestrian lights without pushing the button, its hard to argue when you are in the wrong and boozed up and facing a worst possible situation because of your own behaviour. But I was not holding. Its a good thing I never crossed him on the way home.
  5. Loaded up with beers in my backpack and off to a mates place for a session, I didn't wait for the little green man and got busted by the cops riding through an intersection. Old mate says I can expect a fine in the mail in about 9 - 10 days Any guesses on how much I'm gonna have to fork out. $425 according to google.
  6. barrybanks - Nige
  7. And I wondered why my front tyre was flat?
  8. Obviously I need to do a little bit more maintenance. I put a true blue goo tube in my front wheel, which is in much better condition than the rear.
  9. Audi Mundine or Green?
  10. A great early start to the day
  11. And another one.
  12. So i've been a bit of a non contributing lurker on here for a long time, lets see if I can change my ways.
  13. The bearded mono for me thanks
  14. Coronado Brewing Company Islander IPA with a Squires Hop Thief chaser, pretty sure i'm not gonna see midnight at this rate.