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  1. Dibs on the stem and rotor
  2. Im pretty sure the baseball symbol means it was made by Koizumi in japan
  3. Thinking of trading it for something ,not sure yet the more i look at it the more i want to build him up
  4. anyone know what year and model this bully is ? its in absolute stunning condition it has been stored and boxed for years no marks or scratches on it what so ever
  5. Anyone know where i can get a set of green tyres with skinwall 20x1.75
  6. what a sick collection ,very nice beer_bandito
  7. thats what i was thinking Malty , but surley it couldnt be that easy ?
  8. Hi all , this is my dads old madison bmx which he gave to me and i plan to respray it in the same colour green and add yellow tuffs and accsesories . I was wondering if anyone knows what year this bike was made in and what model it is ?, i have been told its a 1979 mxr20 . Also where can i get new decals from ?
  9. thanks guys
  10. Hey guys im 14 years old about to start my first build on my own. im just wondering if anyone knows what year the bike was made. and also what do you guys think of it going green and gold. Thanks
  11. Hi all, i was just wondering what parts the Hutch Windstyler came out with thanks
  12. hey guys i was just wondering what bike PJ rode in the movie BMX Bandits
  13. Hey Guys Im New To The Bmx Scene Im Currently On My First Build, A 95 Diamondback Viper. Hope To Get Pics Up Soon!