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  1. That's a cracker mate
  2. Good luck with it Chad & Cam, a long time in the making for you guys, so congrats on this announcement blokes - some reward for all the hard work.
  3. Remember this one mate?
  4. Love the way you roll Lixy, keep up the great work - your bike, your decisions. End Looking forward to your next build
  5. Hey Jim, Yes, this can be done with powder, and there are a few blokes here in Melbourne that will do it. If you need a dent repaired in the forks, and plan to use powder, filling of the dent is probably not an option as the heat of the powder process will generally fry the fill and cause the powder to react. Less of an issue if using paint. For painting over chrome, just ensure a good etch primer is used and all will be fine. No matter what, paint will not be as strong and durable as powder is for ware and tear, but 2K paint is not too bad compared to acrylic paints. Personally i think the finish is better with paint. Talk soon
  6. Looking good! Lets talk about those Haro whitewalls mate, could do with them back for a build - give me a call....
  7. Ney chrome mate, just 2K paint - think it has a silver base coat
  8. Here's my one mate.
  9. i have a set of the bars for one, nos white. Planning to use them on a build at this stage, but if you score a F&F only and really need them, we can talk. Good luck with your search.
  10. Love it Cressy, great job, the Vector bars look damn sweet
  11. Think Pete has some at the shop at the moment Gav. That's another sweet ride Leon
  12. Oh lordy and hot damn, you're a shitankle you are....... Sooo looking forward to touching this inappropriately
  13. All true Rod, some things just have to make way at the mo, have had a good few years admiring this, time for someone else to enjoy.
  14. Bangin Leon, looks tight - smokin colourway
  15. I like the black one's on it, polish the shait out of the stem base to add to the little chrome highlights theme at the front of the bike. If the bike had chrome forks , the chrome bars would work. Either way, it still looks the poop!