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  1. No good mate. All the best.
  2. PM sent
  3. Thanks for the comments guys.. Keep us updated on the build Pig. Top pics too Raven, chuck some more up. And Sabbath, I've seen what's in your garage, time to get your toys out!
  4. Yeah mate, she only comes out in the right conditions.I should get it out more often and put some more kms on the clock. She's travelled a fraction over 43,000 kms.
  5. I bought the Brock a little over 12 years ago. Was my dream car growing up so once I had somewhere to keep one I got it. I have a couple more cars but this is by far my favourite. Here's another pic I have from one of Brockys day out a few years back.
  6. So every year on this date I like to get my car out and go for a spin as a bit of a tribute to my childhood hero. Today i thought i would change things up a bit and combined two things I enjoy.....cars and bmx. Went up to the local council office and grabbed some pics, nowhere near professional, but I had fun and I thought I would share. And my attempt at something fancy
  7. Good enough. There are stubble labels on the inside, and there will be less before the night is through.
  8. Ok, this shouldn't be too hard. Think Friday night knock off!
  9. Rolex?
  10. Yup.
  11. Which one?
  12. It's "more than meets the eye"!
  13. More fun than a tool.
  14. Think 80s
  15. Here you go.