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  1. Stem still for sale?
  2. Dibs.
  3. Damn i needed that chainwheel bad
  4. Dibs.
  5. Still got the cranks mate?
  6. I am down for the next PK ripper day for sure! Keep me posted Bill!
  7. PK Ripper day, Love it!
  8. LOL @ craig!
  9. "keep it real".. LOVE IT! Well can i just say, speaking for us five Adelaide guys that made the trip, we all had a great time attending the show! Everyone was friendly, there were lots of amazing bikes and plenty of snags on the BBQ.. What more could one ask for?!?! Bill, thanks again mate for being such a great host and lending me a stand for the day! You're a true champ and i still think your pink quad was the best bike there! Mickey, i forgive you for the promo girls, im sure you'll make up for it next year with a bus load of hottys Also, cheers for the Tshirt, fits perfectly and a great design! Both you guys did an outstanding job making this happen! You dudes are an asset to the Aussie BMX scene! I learnt a couple of things this weekend just gone, 1. My bmx obsession is mild compared to some. I do not have a problem 2. Sydney has TOO MANY FREAKING HILLS compared to flat old Adelaide. LOL 3. I want a pink Quad 4. Fairview is ghetto 5. If something seems too good to be true, then that is usually the case... Thanks again to everyone involved! Love from the Adelaide dudes. See you all next year for sure!!! BMX4LIFE
  10. Heres my 2015 PK, with a few little upgrades ]
  11. I like the sounds of less hills and less traffic for sure Lets just hope the weather is good!!!!
  12. Awesome! I hear there is a bike-way that will take us from Darling Harbour, all the way to Fivedock? The more, the merrier!