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  1. Price dropped to $330 shipped.
  2. Sweet ride mate. I got one too, you wouldn't happen to have scans of the decals would you?
  3. Up for grabs is this Tuf Nuck and Tange bundle. Included is the Tuf Neck stem, Tuf Nuck seat clamp, Tuf Neck power disc and 2 x NOS Tange lock nuts. Price is $350 posted Dibs wins followed by PM - winner takes all. No part outs.
  4. Selling on behalf of a friend. Not really my era so can't tell you much about it so please look closely. 80' Kos Kruiser, plus additional 175 Mongoose OPC, Pro Class style rims, Pro Class spider, Mongoose grips. No damage to report, it is a 36 year old bike so don't expect perfection. Still a very nice example. Pictures tell the story. Everything in the photos included. $2,000 - Cash on pick up only. Dibs wins, followed by PM Collect from Brisbane (sorry, can't post this). PM for pick up address. This will not be parted. Sold as is.
  5. Yes, midschooljon does a phenomenal yellow bike
  6. Lol, I was thinking 5:30am was a little early for a drink, even if it is Friday. So did ya get it?
  7. Lives in Ashgrove and drives his WRX, well la de dah. LolPlenty of wreckers on the dirty south Reeky...... Or are they just front yards I'm driving past in Redbank. I'm not sure.
  8. S&m

    Thnx lads, I've really missed it. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into it sooner rather than later. Might have to get me a Widow, lol. I haven't forgot about the T1 Gordy. I'll spend some time over the next week or so and dig through all the gear. Rest assured it's yours when I decide to sell it.
  9. S&m

    It's been tucked away for a few months to be honest mate. Now that the weather is getting warmer i will have to get it our and shake off the cob webs. I will be letting a few bits and pieces go but will definitely be hanging onto that one that's for sure.
  10. Sex Pistols Ocean views or Mountain views?
  11. That is one super rad frame set right there
  12. Well that Mad Dog.......... I want to lick it.......
  13. S&m

    Oh yes, that right there, is the sh1t