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  1. Nice one, would have preferred an RX3 but wouldn't have rhymed with the lyrics.
  2. All you need is a 19mm bottom bracket set to suit your bike and those cranks will fit. Also you may need a spindle adaptor for that sprocket, any quality bike shop will have these parts.
  3. The calliper hole is irrelevant as that could have been drilled at some stage, if the fork leg end cap is fully welded and has no breather hole then they are very early US made, if there's a breather hole then they are 82-83 approx, fully welded inner drop out is interesting, haven't seen that before.
  4. They look great fellas! I was/am very tempted but I'm waiting for the XL24 instead? Hutchy - get Stu to take it for a lap, see if he will come to new school (the dark side!)
  5. S&m

    ....g'day fellow S&M fans, a quick pic of my daughters new race bike - one of the last 38s (she was adamant she didn't want a Speedwagon!) supplied of course by Gabe. This is the 4th 38 special in our house!
  6. Bloody orsm beamboy! Gotta ask - did it ship in the o/g box? Got my Aerospeeds during the week, they're off the hook!
  7. ....I'm still tempted, but I want a new xl24 more! Aerospeeds have shipped also!
  8. So Tioga are bring a 24" comp 3 out, in skinwall like the 20's??
  9. Looks like the 1 per customer limit is gone. Stock still available is: Pro - 10 Pro xl - 16 Pro xxl - 10 ( just had a play with the shopping to work out)
  10. 8 minutes after the f/f are listed, the site crashes.....damn! $499 frame & fork
  11. Sweet, Taiwan stuff is nicely made.
  12. Is this fact or assumption? Blows we can't them in the o/g box, if you gonna buy a ltd first run then I'd be wanting to keep it as it left the factory.
  13. ......most will sell to enthusiasts at this stage, if your a pure racer there's plenty of race machines already out there to choose from, price will be interesting, it's a competitive market already, with plenty of fine steel, alloy and carbon frames available as is.
  14. the email too, no pricing though, and country of origin?