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  1. Dibs as per PM
  2. dibs thanks Steve
  3. Hell Yeah
  4. I'll also vouch for Tim, why let Paypal have the coin Direct Deposit is safe here
  5. Prices look good Tim, everyone must be saving cash for Xmas
  6. Sold pending payment
  7. Nice gear
  8. Grips sold, tyres $25 posted
  9. Jas, Chrome bars sold
  10. Dibs then PM please Powerstem copy, no hammer marks, little patina, very presentable 41 tooth chainwheel suit 110 or 130 great condition $25 each posted East Coast
  11. Dibs then PM please Inhuman? Chrome bars marked ITC, 6412D 01, 07 028, IK10...........great condition apart from grinder ugliness under the sticker, common apparently for these, (copyright issue or something) I was drinking at the time of the story $45 posted East Coast Black SE bars came off a New School 24inch Floval, few scratches, still very good condition $35 posted East Coast
  12. Dibs then PM please Grips are in great condition Gum walls are slightly different in colour, brand and widths but are both 20's, great condition $45 posted East Coast, little more elsewhere
  13. BMX'ers Black repop lot, dibs then PM please Pedals with reflectors are 9/16, the others are 1/2, both in great condition, same for stem and seat clamp Seat post has some scratching as seen, seat is a little rough too, no cracks, just scratched up $75 inc postage East Coast, elsewhere a little more
  14. Spin Tech is sold Only the faded chainguard to go.....$30 posted