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  1. Nice bike mate! Enjoy it.
  2. Awesome, good to see this build fire up again.
  3. Looking great!
  4. Nice, great job on the decals!
  5. Very nice!
  6. Wow! Great build, looks great with an awesome parts list.
  7. Great Wall Terrible One.
  8. Looks tough!
  9. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing it complete.
  10. Looks great Rerides!
  11. Looking good so far Rado, a slow builds a good build!
  12. This is cool, look forward to following the build.
  13. Wow! Cranks look great.
  14. It was a good little swappy, thanks for organizing it Marty, and thanks for the pedals.
  15. Dibs 6. Odyssee xtro race fork. Thanks.
  16. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone, have fun!
  18. That's cool.
  19. Looks great.
  20. Looks great Slider.
  21. That's cool mate.
  22. Nice bike mate!
  23. Looks fantastic Hence, great thread too.