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  1. The non-drive side is not an allen key fixing. Appears to be a through bolt ?
  2. Having an utter brain dumb moment. 2000 Powerlite Coqpit needs an overhaul/regrease of the spinning bits and I am losing my patience at trying to remove the cranks. I can undo the bolts that hold on the crank arms, but they dont seem to want to budge (brute force ??) Trying to unscrew the spindle on the drive side and it I can see that it just keeps spinning (can see the other end of the bolt on the non drive side) I know I am missing something obvious but for the life of me I cant get it. Help. Is there a logic/knack/black magic to this ?
  3. great info guys, appreciate the feedback (and awesome pics)
  4. Considering getting up on the gate with some of the guys I used to race in the '80s. Wondering what is a good 'racer' ? 19" top tube I would assume. Has to be in keeping with the current reg's on old school racing. Any help/ideas would be appreciated.
  5. Saw this beast in the flesh on Saturday at the old school BMX race here in Perth. The pictures dont do justice to the level of polish on the frame, bloody well done. Makes my ball burnished Coqpit look positively dull.
  6. too many school river cruises...
  7. High on Fire. Baby Metal killed me....
  8. agreed on the Ruler decals.. actually I wouldnt mind a set myself wonder if we can get a buying group together ?
  9. chainreaction has Nukeproof electron for under $50. I run them on my GT (size 12/13 shoe or 47 in shimano) they are a nice low profile design good pegs and bearings. dont be put off by a synthetic pedal. more important is your choice of shoes. Five tens or Teva's seem to be pretty good
  10. Just remember, Dale Holmes is plenty fast and races on flats....
  11. Just for something different. I am totally in love with S&M's transparent blue colour. I think an old Auburn could pull this kind of look off as well.
  12. great work on the polishing
  13. those cranks are magic
  14. chainring came up a treat
  15. I run a set of Maxxis HolyRollers on my 01 Powerlite and they are pretty damn good for $25 odd a hoop. They look mid/old and are easily available.