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  1. Hey Bricks, They are like riding a limo. It has as much room as a 26", it's just the seat height that I need to sort out. It tried to buck me when the chain dropped off while riding up a small incline, but I managed to hold on... A few tweaks next week and I think this will be out and about more often....
  2. First in a while for me, good to get out and about. Took the newly acquired TTR out for it's first spin, good size bike for a 20".... photos,
  3. The stars have aligned and I will be at this one. It's been a year since the last one... will bring Junior on his Junior... see you under the bridge... TonyZ...
  4. Thanks for the info, I thought that might be the case. Looks like I have a project for the Holidays. Cheers, TonyZ...
  5. Yep, should clean up ok. A few bits are beyond repair though (rust).
  6. I picked these up in the kerbside throw out yesterday. 16" Skyways. Can anyone decipher the serial numbers and give me an idea of when they are from. I thought they were black when I picked them up, turns out it was years of dirt and grease. These photos are after a scrub with some soapy water. Can you pick which one had an old tire on it? TonyZ...
  7. Yeah, the Moose the Kos and the Two Four are stored elsewhere and now under even heavier lock and key. The funny thing is I think it would be easier to replace either of my Gooses than replace this little race bike. Might be time to upgrade to a new race bike anyhow.... TonyZ...
  8. Just got back from a couple of days st Noosa with the family to find someone has helped themselves to a few things from my storage shed. Not too worried about the power tools but my 5yr old son now doesn't have a race bike anymore. Photo below.
  9. Aria Diamond 1220 hollow body bass. 1967... This one is a keeper. Missing the scratch plate and head stock badge. I'll find them one day, no hurry....
  10. De Coster is sold. thanks TonyZ..
  11. Yeah i was looking at those bars thinking how good they would look on my two four. Have you put one of those frames beside a two four? They look to have very similar geometry. Which in my opinion would make it one very comfortable cruiser to ride. Congratulations on a great piece of Oz BMX history. TonyZ . .
  12. Thanks Theo
  13. Hey Mick, Shoot me a PM whrn you are ready. I am confident you will find new decals, i kind of like the old ones but that is just me. TonyZ . .
  14. I saw a NOS set recently on EBay. There is a regular seller on EBay that does repops of all the Mongoose decals, I'm sure they do De Coster as well. if I find a link I will post it here. TonyZ...
  15. Hey Terry, How long is a piece of string? When will there be peace in the middle east? Too broad a question mate and one that is really not encouraged around here. But between you and me and the fence post, if you want old school with all the right parts start at a couple of grand and work your way from there... I've got a 1982 Mongoose Two Four i wouldn't part with for less than $2500 assuming you could convince me to sell it. I had a '95 GT 24" i sold complete for $600 I sold an early Hotfoot 24" for $350 complete TonyZ...