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  1. Yeah, also Girrawheen, i wonder if there's anything left where you are now?
  2. stumbled across this and more, 90's gear in a sea container 4 years ago in an unlikely area of Perth
  3. Profile have recently released one, but it's pricy, around $200 I believe https://www.danscomp.com/products/461096/Profile_Elite_Freewheel.html
  4. this is the chris king race, they do 1" and 11/8"
  5. Chris king does what they call a +5mm base plate https://www.chrisking.com/product/1-baseplates/
  6. yeah its mine, from what i can tell its new
  7. Street Legal, seems to be never ridden
  8. Yes, Yes and Yes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. if someone asks a question thats been asked many times before and thats upsets you move on. at least if it gets answered the forum is getting used and people can interact, never know someone may have some new info to pass on that isnt in an old post The search function is rubbish, you have more luck going to google and typing ozbmx then whatever keywords your looking for, if you want to be helpful and answer it then do so, i wonder how many people have been told to use the search function and never logged on again, PHUk!ng rude
  10. dibs 1 pair
  11. bargain on the xtros considering they retailed at $339 20 years ago
  12. i dont think any bike I have voted for has ever won BOTM! something I always wonder about is what peoples reasons are for voting? is it brand, era, or is it your mates bike?? mine reason is always the bike that gets my attention the most and want to take for a spin and thats it, I couldnt care less who owned it or the brand or the era, by the way I was your 3rd vote for the Immortis
  13. They are great, like everyone has said great for regulating temps, noise reduction, 100% light is blocked out, less likely to be burgled, Just got a quote from OZshut this week for another 3 average size windows out the back of our house and they started high at $5000, We said no way then they came back with $3300, then he makes a call to the office and ends up at $1800, The front of our house cost $1500 2 years ago so we knew they were going for a high profit,
  14. I'm assuming they must have caught all the other villains in your area earlier in the day