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  1. Hey Hutch, im on the Apollo and I remember Jason too, he was in my age group bitd. I am Craig Maltman and the names written above in Johns post are the platings in the final. yes that is a cruiser, retro is an open wheel class, so you can ride whatever size you like.
  2. Was a great day, solid racing with old bikes on the newest track.
  3. That is a time capsule there, good score. the serial would be Jan 82 and stamped Friday after a counter lunch by the looks of that.
  4. My daughters 16" take on the ET bike
  5. Nah Daz just has short arms;)
  6. Drinking bourbon out of one of my stubby holders right now
  7. Bang on Scotty. Now get back on yours mate
  8. No, not allowed
  9. Cheers Scotty
  10. Just had a look through here and didn't spot it (doesn't mean it's not there) What is the length for 20" Aeros to Bullseye hubs three cross? Cheers
  11. All sold thanks, Can lock this up now
  12. Any last takers?
  13. Price drop Aeros $430 posted and patted with PayPal no fees
  14. Cheers Andrew, no they were silver.Only the Aeros left thanks