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  1. my old race suit was the same gt outfit above with the blue yellow pants i also has a blue full face Fox helmet with blue gt gloves its at my parents house so i hope they still got it all :
  2. theres nothing in the background to see
  3. my Redline above before it was lent to younger brother and stolen was in immaculate condition as pictured by gt pics it was only used for racing and got polished detailed of every last dust particle and packed away again so to see it like this for me is bad , so an full rebuild is needed asap
  4. thanks john for uploading pics yes they were build ups from waverley bmx shop for memory the stickers are the same as bought from in shop dont think they got updated by shop my brothers got the candy red proline mx111 as it says on his stickers and had proline on the bmx white redline pads also john did u get anymre pics up bottom of frame serials number
  5. hi Ed that will be great ive heaps of parts with the white frame combo more like 1.5 bits of complete bike builds so i hope the freight isnt crazy expensive thanks
  6. nice i tried putting pics up but not working any tips im trying to upload from my tablet its got an yelow haro number plate on it too how do i get the blue paint code for it thanks
  7. yes thats my bike nearly exactly except gold araya rims on it stickers & padsets the same but with yellow seat will get some pics up soon
  8. ive ordered mine with white/ blue ordered a whole bike in parts from planet the final order wont go thru as it says freight is too big & delete items anyone ese had a problem thanks
  9. hi i own a early model redline proline just trying to get some info as parents bought it new in 1982 for me serial number is 341011 with no redline stamp on bb area is all original blue frame with chrome redline forks with flat gussets under forks has a 4 inch stem ,small gussett with no headtube flared out like some , no gussett behind seat and frame welds at bottom of bb still trying to work it out maybe 79 rare as rocking horse frame as proline11 suggested on page 4 maybe ?
  10. pics of my original survivor
  11. it still has the original alloy forged Takagi Ultra Dyno 3 piece cranks with 44 tooth Takagi sprockets , alloy Tange seat clamp , original stickers on frame and forks and shimano dx headpost ? has no markings on it
  12. heys guys i need your help this Redline is my original bike bought for me by my parents in 1982 or 83 qs the serial number is 341011 with no redline tag marking near it at all im bout to do a refurb on it and need some info whats the color and is it painted or powder coated frame bike was all originally blue with gold feature and redline chrome forks. the forks have flat piece under fork stems at bottom so what type are these also im spweing as i let my younger brother use it bout 15 years ago it was immaculate and got stolen it was recovered as it was police engraved since new with ids on it thanks god but all the good bling stuff today taken off it the vinyl redline pads gone full set , redline v bars , oakley grips , dia compe brakes front and rears , kashimax seat with redline stem , yhe kkt lightning pedals and gold araya rims with snake belly tyres some help restoring it too its former glory would be great thanks i will get some pics of me as a young fella on it racing at waverley bmx track Melbourne and the condition before the resto begins thanks Craig
  13. hi nice bike my redline proline is this color too blue aussie spec with all gold features on it from 1983 as its my old racebike how do i find out the blue aussie spec paint code for a restoration frame redo thanks