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  1. Hi guys got a 24" Hotfoot Cruiser and am wondering what you guys use on your cruisers for gearing on front and back. I think originally it had 43T and 18T... Thanks in advance Milan
  2. Hi guys just a quick one got a 16" hotfoot bnx and wondering what ratios for gearing to use. Front chainring was 46T so was thinking if a 16T on the back what you think? Also got a hotfoot cruiser and wondering what to do here also? Cheers n thanks in advance. Milan
  3. Hi guys sorry for another post. But I meant to ask about how to crimp cable end caps onto cable housing when shotening the cable housing? Thanks in advance. Milan.
  4. i mean the caps you put on the end on brake cable housing when you shorten it. Not the brake cable at the end. SORRY FOR NOT BEING CLEAR.
  5. Hi guys need a good tool to crimp cable ends. Want a proffessional look and need your recommendations for a tool to do this. Please let me know what you guys use. Thanks in advance. Milan.
  6. Hey guys this pick up is old school related but not BMX. If anyone can assist that would be awsome seller doesnt want to post me some Sega Cartridge games so I thought a fellow Ozbmxer could help out, as I have helped out a few peeps in the past. Cost of the games to pick up is $20 so I can paypal you straight away. Please let me know if you may be able to help. Happy to help someone requiring something from Melbourne to your state. Thanks in advance guys. Milan
  7. Duane is a legend! +1
  8. No it doesnt.... when i spin the cranks and look side on something is a miss. either cranks or thinking maybe something to do with ball bearings maybe. am confused. Milan
  9. Ok got a new chainring, checked the spindle all fine. Looks like it is the crank... how can that be? They look ok but when I spin it something is off? What to do..,, new cranks? Milan C
  10. Ok will investigate..... thanks for the tips guys... Milan C
  11. No wobble, at least I cant see one... looks all good.... I even adjusted the chainring bolts as I thought the chainring may have needed adjustment. Milan C
  12. Hey guys, This is driving me nuts. My chain goes from loose to tighter when pedalling. Trwaling the net for remedies and checked all of them. I am thinking my chainring may be a little bent or something, anyone else had this problem? And if so how did you solve it. Cheers, Milan C
  13. Thanks guys much appreciated will look into both. Cheers Milan C
  14. Ok cool mate thanks what company was that? Milan C
  15. Hey guys might be posting a bike from Melb to Syd. Just wondering how much on average? Also do you just use a standard bike box to pack into? Cheers, Milan C