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  1. MattB, Save yourself the nightmare of sourcing the parts etc and buy this one. Cost me more to build it than what Im asking.
  2. Thanks Jasbins Been trying to sell for ages but just no interest from buyers just admirers.
  3. Dibs and pm for Direct deposit details or Cash is prefered. Pay pal is fine but add 3% to cover fees. This is a 1975 Schwinn Scrambler frame with original Ashtabula forks which I restored early last year. This has been powdercoated in Gold with a small metallic fleck through it and a clear coat to finish so it looks fantastic. Ashtabula forks, Ashtabula head stem and the Box Bars have also been powdercoated in black low gloss. The wheels took me ages to source separately. Rims are NOS FEMCO 20 x 2.125 Hubs are NOS Shimano Spokes NOS original 70's 14G Takagi MX cranks, seat post, seat clamp, kick stand all re-chromed to a show finish. Seat is a padded banana seat with a plastic base but still from the 70's I believe, Sissy bar and chain wheel are reproductions. Pedals ES NOS 70's pedals Hunt Wild grips from the US This is a beautiful piece of American history. These were the first ever mass produced BMX sold in the US starting in 1975. The white scrambler decal on the top tube has rubbed of a bit on one side when I cleaned the dust of it recently but can easily be replaced. I'm chasing $1000 Pick up from the Gold Coast.
  4. Heres my 84 XL to give you some ideas
  5. ego is the go
  6. Id give it about 81/82 build I had one around 1980 with slightly different decals.
  7. First Saturday i have had off in over 6 months and I still cant come for a ride with you guys I have a F%#@* wedding to go to.
  8. Wanna come but cant. Dam work. I will be thinking about those rest stops. Have a great day Guys. :-(
  9. I have done a lot of hunting in Thailand and Malaysia and it's near on impossible to find anything. There's a couple of sellers on ebay that may help..And a few malay sellers on her that may help also. Good luck
  10. I have had a few things done at GC electroplating. Its a must to talk directly to Ron the owner and not the guy in the office as sometimes theres a break downin comunication between them, If you talk to Ron explain its a vintage show bike he will take extra care and you get a great job, if not you can loose branding etc in the buff process. I will use him again in the future...
  11. I found I had Type 2 last year and it does settle down and life goes on as normal I sometimes forget now accept for the medication.. Go and get your eyes tested mate once they settle down properly, I wear glasses all the time now. You guys should still be able to holiday as long as Tracey's arm sorts it self ok.
  12. What about Ripple sole boots? Just to go with the skin tight jeans and the flanno
  13. get them chromed will be cheaper than buying a mint set, I just paid $30 to chrome a set of one piece cranks...