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  1. Looking good , that seat is real nice , is the "shot gun I I " stiched on or a sticker ? Can't seem to make it out in the pic ? Excuse my ignorance ! Oh and I've not been a fan of the Acs rims in the past cause I've only seen them in 36 ? Are they around in 48s as well !! Again excuse my lack of knowledge on these as I'm a mid school fool most of the time !
  2. Finally bones , patience payed off !! Can't wait for the build thread !!
  3. Looking forward to seeing this one ! Very nice chrome work , who does your chroming ?
  4. Nice bike , regarding the wedge , if you don't find the right on , you might be able to file down the existing one to match the angle ? Or go for a TNT stem which is correct for this bike !
  5. Mongoose dmc almost finished !!
  6. Dibs rl decals pm coming !
  7. Option on early dmc and hooligans , but very very rare to find one intact , this one I got is nos " not a blemish or scratch " , the seat is a stand in at the moment until I find the correct one !! But it is mongoose , and comfortable !
  8. Not sold on the seat yet , and still might change the tyres for some frequency gs. But love the bashguard !! Moe pics to come in the next few days !
  9. Almost finished mock up
  10. Can't beleive the decals are in tact , I had the exact model bitd , always wanted that color way , if you ever decide to move it on , holla at me , yeah I have that dilemma aswell on going of with the cranks , but can't bring myself to use one peice cranks , so if I do the upgrade it has to be something that came out on its big brother the dmc , to keep it in the family ? And those bars are very rare not being bent or cracked !! Didn't think they came on the hooligan , oh well another spanner in the mix
  11. Omg , that hooligan is sick ,, where,? How ? When ? Fill me in ?
  12. You can't beat og finish , your attention to detail is top notch , looking forward to seeing this in the flesh at next hursty show !! Seems there's alot more of these up in the northern states then down here on melbourne !
  13. Cool boas are better than nippons in my opinion as well , they just work better having the ball bearings to stop them tightening up ! As for the airmaster you must of missed the one that was up yesterday on the museum , didn't last long , not bad price aswell http://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=635793
  14. Top job !! Very nicely done ,, your sourcing of parts is unbelievable !! What brake set up are you going with ? All you need now is an airmaster to complete the collection !
  15. Nice haul