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  1. Are these identical to the originals, & if not,, where do they differ?
  2. Not chrome, ....Nickle Had one or two setbacks with parts aquisition, but mostly moving forward. I fell asleep in front of computer at 3am waiting on an auction for a Mongoose/ Decoster fork to end. Woke up about 1 minute after it ended. It went for about $100 less than I was prepared to bid. So still looking for the right fork. Need to send stuff away for electroplating but must move house & this puts the kybosh on everything for a while
  3. You could try here. Pedals
  4. That was quick, but then that's what this forum has always been about, helping a brother with his project without being silly pricewise. Good score.
  5. What time frame? 70's, ... early 80's, other?
  6. WOW, two times winner, ... Bike of the Year in both 1984 AND 1985. Impressive.
  7. I checked the Bicycle Works facebook page & they have just posted up a picture of the Cooked Goose frame as it is today. It's a lovely dish, almost good enough to eat. The wheels are done too, but are still in bubble wrap. Perhaps pictures tomorrow.
  8. Well I checked the Bicycle Works facebook page & they have just posted up this picture of my frame & it looks just as good as the mate to it that is owned by Scottlox. So, given a bit more research, a bit of time & a chunk of money, the Shaun McEvoy bike can come back to life again.
  9. Can I get some jocks with a silicon salami sewn inside too?
  10. The rare ones are always good to find. Great score.
  11. I asked Mr Know-it-all [Google] & this is the first thing I found See if you can get a picture & post it up so we might get an idea of what you are being offered.
  12. Click on ApolloMk11's link for the full story.
  13. Yikes! That sure enough is no brown garden hose next to her.
  14. I can't speak with any real authority about DK stems, but I thought that underslung stems were more of a mid or late '80's thing.
  15. At the risk of shocking everybody I need to announce that Chris [me] is a 99% tetotaler.. I have lived here for 37 years & the pub is three blocks away.. I have been inside about eight times. Once for a meal & the rest to fix, move, or install a phone service. [I was a Telstra tech] The lingo? I watch TV.