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  1. Hi Boys Good to see Project T going down south Thanks Clarky for the Pictures Please take some Video down South with the H/bar camera for project T and put it up on OZ Chere's Don
  2. I took pic and it would not load It said file was to big Any other way my IPad is 600 and Oz is 500 I used to take pic on camera and put it on photobucket But I want to use my IPad
  3. I will try that Thanks Mate
  4. just having rob loading pics from my IPad Oz is 500 and I pad is 600 How do I load pics
  5. Still got plenty of Whites mate (16t and 17t) Cheers Don
  6. Will be good to catch up Boys Haven't started the builds yet But have the frames and parts for most of them Anyone is welcome to call in and have a coke Just Ring first to make shaw in home
  7. Hi Boys and Girls Just thought I would come on and say (I'm still alive )Haven't been on OZ much of late To many other things going on at Xmas time I'm still building a few bikes Two SLAs and a couple of Squarebacks 20in and 16 in in the near future I still get told what's going on here But I don't read all the Nitty Gritty So sitting here Thought I would have a look Nice to see nothing has changed much Cheers Don
  8. Hollywood PINK Like I told you Sue HA HA
  9. How often do you see one of my bikes with 1 piece cranks THIS is the only one in my shop
  10. As a matter of fact I DID HAVE all the parts here Foks Stem Cranks Pedals Disc and Motomags All I need is the Box Bars Which I had but must of given away a few years ago Now I am spewing I NEED BOX BARS anyone Help Cheers Don the number is CF7. 39626
  11. Hi nearly finished this I have lost my Box Bars BUGGER Cheers Don
  12. It's not 100% But its not to bad for 36 years old I might build it up I Got some nice Gold Motomags
  13. Thats the Roger forks on the frame mate
  14. My Grass isnt that long to find this A bloke I new in the 90s He had a few things hidden in the grass Nice find This and undrilled Roger Decoster forks and MCS Stem