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  1. Has anyone measured or spoked these newer rims ? Reading this forum and another spoke calculator shows conflicting ERDs for Araya7X rims and that is not considering this new type. I ask as I wanted to purchase the spokes at the same time. If not I'll wait and order separately. Cheers
  2. I saw the different ERD also. I was hoping to purchase spokes at the same time as the rims. Better off waiting til I get the rim and measure it myself Thanks John, I saw the different ERD also. I was hoping to purchase spokes at the same time as the rims. Better off waiting til I get the rim and measure it myself. Also the rim I'm talking about in the picture is TB507X. ??
  3. Guys are these measurements still true for the newer Araya 7X rims ? I have low flange Suzue front n rear. Also would the rear need to be dished as stated above, and the sheldon brown tutorial seemed to read the same ? Though the difference on the crank side is only 6 mm so I'm guessing this is not a great difference. Can anyone advise ?
  4. AKISU. Yep two years later I have been back to my storage shed and revisited this topic. This frame is a mid 80's AKISU.
  5. Thanks "A Bit Of This", helpful photos mate. I think I will get a set of decals made up, create my own bike. Don't really care what it is or isn't. Hahaha Cheers
  6. If anyone is looking for a ten Speed Shifter to complete a Dragster there is currently one on Ebay US.
  7. Sorry guys I can't tell you if it has a serial number at the moment, my bad, any of you would have spotted it for not being a T/A and investigated further. Next time I am down there it will be for a couple of weeks. Thanks for all of your help, stay tuned.
  8. Thanks, I found that Trike at a garage sale they wanted three bucks I gave em five. I had wondered if it was a Malvern Star but hadn't bothered to look into it. Cheers
  9. That black frame is the very first dragster I got my hands on. It has taken a few different forms over time. That frame is beautifully shaped from end to end it curves over just right, Ive spent many hours just staring at the frame. I have a large black SUPER MX banana seat for it.
  10. Thanks mate. I drove up and down the East coast a couple of times over the years and stopped in at a lot of small towns and some big ones, every second town had something you just had to ask around and find the right people. Some good stories. Sometimes I could go to the same shop twice and the owners still wouldn't part with everything "incase someone else needs that part".
  11. DAM this thread is hilarious, Tops thread guys.
  12. friends for serious, fully farout sick, front flip spin, take it easy its just a forum post.
  13. DAMN that's real close hey, but is that tubing round or ? Closest guess yet. Also pretty close but by the looks of the drop outs the inner/forward groove is different. Cheers mate
  14. Mate that is the long frame I will use to build a ten speed, it may not be THE Malvern Star frame but I don't care. I have the shifter and de-railers and even found the correct sissy bar, I just want a close enough seat and she can come together.