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  1. yes because making the same mistake over and over again is bordering insanity.
  2. 1980 DG Survivor Chrome and Decals Redline Microline Forks DG Stem Microline Bars Oakley II grips OAKLEY Crud Plugs Uni Seat Max Seat Cover Xcaliber Seat Clamp Shimano Tourney Caliper Terry Cable Addicts Graphite Chain Ring DID Chain Sugino Spider Ashtabula Cranks KKT Lightning Pedals Hunt Wild Plate Tange Headset & BB Araya 7B Rims SS Spokes Campy Track Hubs Carlisle Aggressor Front Tyre OG Cheng Shin 1.75 rear
  3. The SE Bunker
  4. Qld SE Team pic I got from Scot. Out front of Greg Rayners 1st shop at Jindalee.
  5. haha ... I have to talk to him tomorrow about powder coating a security door
  6. Punksatawney Phil says Hi
  7. exactly over & out
  8. STR8 to the point I believe this site has changed radically for the worse over the last 6 months or so. I think it is too top heavy and starting to turn into a BS bureaucracy of ego and power trippers. Personally I think the slate (Mods & Admins) should be wiped clean and down scaled and then start again. I'm at the point where I don't why I bother coming here anymore. OZBMX is at a cross roads
  9. I love the bit about trying to jump the ten speed over the creek .... From: Date: Friday 21 January 2011 11.04am To: David Thorne Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Advertisement Its snowboarding not snowsurfing and 5"8 isn't short dickwad. I doubt my staff acted in that way but if they did then it is probably because we get hundreds of weekend warriors in here during ski season and we like to know if they are serious or just window shopping before we waste hours helping them. I'm sick of noobs like you who dont know what they want or shit about snowboarding coming in wasting our time. If I refunded money or exchanged gear to every looser who had a problem with their gloves, I’d be broke. From: David Thorne Date: Friday 21 January 2011 2.17pm To: Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Advertisement Dear Anton, Yes, I am pretty sure if I ran a snowboardsurfing shop the last thing I would want is people new to the sport mistakenly entering my premises with the intention of exchanging goods for money. What a bunch of 'loosers'. You should probably have that on your front door instead of the welcome sign. Otherwise, people might read the word 'welcome' and mistakenly think they are welcome. Perhaps you could incorporate a sign similar to the 'You must be this tall to ride' kind displayed at carnivals, but amend it to 'You must be this cool to enter' with a big red arrow pointing to photos of Fatty, Tattooey and Fuzzy. Also, I apologise. While the average male height of 5"9 statistically means anything under is considered short, my question was without diminutive intention. I'm sure there are many advantages to being so small. Target carries an excellent range of boys clothing at competitive prices and a lower centre of gravity should, once helped up onto the ski-lift, allow you to snowboardsurf with greater stability. If I were small, I would buy a cat and ride it. I do object to the label 'noob' though. Thirty minutes of watching instructional Youtube videos have to count for something. One of them showed a squirrel water-skiing which is pretty much the same thing so how hard can it be? I am at least twice as intelligent as a squirrel and I once covered almost the entire distance of a slip'n'slide in a standing position so the basic skill set is there. I expect to be doing steezy jumps within the first hour and Olivers by lunch. When I was nine I attempted to jump my new Standish 12 Selectaspeed racing bike across a creek. Building a ramp from timber removed from an adjoining playground fort, I calculated that a speed of 150mph, based on a previous evening's episode of Knight Rider, would see me safely over the fifteen metre gap. Having also seen episodes of Dukes of Hazzard where they jump bridges and the nose of the General Lee crumples a bit, I strategically placed a pile of leaves on the estimated landing point to soften the impact. In front of an expectant crowd consisting of two kids from the playground and a dog, I rode to the top of a hill, donned my father's welding mask and gloves (safety first) and began the descent. Overcoming momentary speed wobble somewhere around eleventh gear, I believe I would have made it had the dog not run in front of me at the last moment, causing me to veer and miss the ramp by about four metres. Approximately half way over the creek and realising my trajectory was not going to make the distance, I attempted to pull the bike upwards, a midair bunny hop if you will, resulting in the handlebars separating from the frame. Somehow, while my bike dropped into the creek, my body managed to make it to the far bank and roll several times before coming to a halt. Jumping to my feet and exclaiming "I'm ok" to my horrified audience, one of them pointed and I looked down to discover a rib poking out of my chest as a red stain slowly spread outwards ruining my Return of the Jedi t-shirt. I also discovered that the dog had, minutes before my approach, defecated in my landing spot. Which for some reason seemed more horrifying to me than the protruding rib at the time. Accepting the loss of Chewbacca and two Ewoks but attempting to remove my shirt before the bloodstain reached Luke, it caught hard on the rib and I blacked out from the pain. During the ambulance ride, I regained consciousness long enough to overhear one of the medics state, "Three broken ribs and a left... is that dog shit?" While recovering in hospital, my father took the bike back to the shop it was purchased from, showed the defective handlebar bolt and described the accident - admittedly omitting the parts about the ramp, creek and dog poo. They replaced it with a new bike and threw in a helmet as way of apology. That store is where I bought my offspring's first, second and third bike twenty years later. Regards, David. From: Date: Friday 21 January 2011 3.37pm To: David Thorne Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Advertisement Its ollie not oliver. You really dont have a fucking clue do you. You bought gloves without doing your research first and WORE them and fucked them up and then tried to return them even though we have a sign that says returns are at our discretion. Just because you dont get it doesnt make you right. I intend to call my lawyer about your stupid advertisement. You are banned from my store and I'm blocking your email address. I'm too busy making 40 grand a week from noobs like you to read your bullshit. Enjoy your gloves dickwad. From: David Thorne Date: Friday 21 January 2011 3.51pm To: Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Advertisement Dear Anton, I assumed Ollie is short for Oliver just as Anton is short for a normal sized human. While I appreciate your well wishes in regards to the gloves, I have already replaced them with a pair of black North Face 'Montanas' (for approximately half the price I paid for your 'alarmed squid' squishmittens) from another snowsurfing business named Freestyle who were also happy to recommend and fit a selection of boards, bindings and boots. You should check them out. They have a lot of good stuff there and I can't recommend them enough. Ask for Justin. Regards, David.
  10. put the tuffs back on and sell the 7B's to me ....LOL is that the silver ano, or that bright/clear ano they do?
  11. another thing with radial lacing, is you need to double check that the hub is centre of the rim. Measure between each lock nut to the centre of the hub, or using a dishing tool or truing jig. radial lacing = junior riders only
  12. NOICE .... I'm watching a slant stem atm.