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  1. Done
  2. SR002
  3. Test Print
  4. 83 SKYWAY TA #skyway #tange #gt #ghp #sugino #kashimax #ame #shimano #diacompe #hutch #profile #zeronine
  5. The SUPA ROO Tange had the Gusset
  6. Reference
  7. Aust. built Boomerang and Kangaroo gusset model decals as pictured above available soon.
  8. Available in Red, Yellow and Blue. $60 a set
  9. Still got this beauty ? Bring it to RADelaide
  10. What the serial on this one please Dizzy_D ?
  11. Well bugger me
  12. We also have a website
  13. I'm a Rookie ..... Thanks Adrian. I also see Darryl has started a thread. So maybe the 2 can be merged.
  14. Mr. Harry Leary