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  1. Oh and those guys / gals spending their coin, do yourself and us a favour and bring little notes and not just 50's I will take paypal if you want too
  2. I'll try to get there a bit earlier to help and I'm sure there are other folks that can help that don't have to drive 1 1/2 hours like myself. Meanwhile, the trailer is packed
  3. Yes thats the only Sunday I have free in Feb, Lock it in Eade
  4. When's the next swappy guys Feb?
  5. Damn on a mates birthday cruise that weekend
  6. Hey trend setters Because of this operation I had a month ago I am unable to work on and service bikes for at least another two months grrr, so I am bringing new stock down and letting it go at my cost because it's no use collecting dust at my place. eg. Fat / Shiny combo tyres 20", Oury and AME Grips and heaps more (not just confined to BMX either). Come and grab yourself a bargain Cheers Troy
  7. A couple of mid schools I'm going to get rid of hopefully, GT and Dyno
  8. This is one of mine, its not a real team. One day I will get a team then this one can have its yellow stickers back
  9. Some here will remember some won't but a few years back 2010 I organised a little show n shine up here on the Sunshine Coast which ran for three years then due to work commitments it stopped. Anyway I still have some posters and I am selling them in sets of three. If you want individual ones I can do that too, message me please. Postage is included in the price and these will be sent in a cylinder $70.00
  10. I think I'll be well enough recovered to come down to this one. Can I put a cheeky plug in here for the Yandina bike swap this Sunday as well, I know a few of you will come up our way for once, you could find a bargain too.
  11. Did it have a rack on the back? Or maybe a sissy bar
  12. Dibs lol
  13. Good bit of history right there can't believe no one has jumped on the second one. Problem is most people here weren't even born in 1983 lol. Good luck with the sale mate.
  14. Great point, I always try to bring as much small coin as I can. I'm going big time lol and bringing my EFTPOS machine too this time for sales