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  1. I can't bring myself to remove the OG haro wrapping ... let alone repaint this! Just gunna refinish a few bits, Stem , bars , clamp etc etc Id expect to be gunned down if I paint did anything to this frames set.... building it up is almost taboo
  2. Me too!! Just waiting on my Race Kneesavers and rims and then I can put it together, Finalise colour scheme of bolt ons, strip , paint and then own the slickest group 1 ever thought of.
  3. Some more bits came in.. Thanks froff for babysitting my fusion caps for the last 3 years... they are happy back home HAHA!
  4. Best and rarest bashgaurds ever. They are sleek
  5. Just realised I added the A in the tile... I think the Team Sigs were the step above the A ? I figure that as these were a frame fork options as well that If I had bought it in 89 and got it in 90 Then Id have 2 or 3 years of grace with my parts list. Anyway Team discs do not spell "lets race" to me in any language haha !
  6. The OG colour way on this is so awesome in my opinion... My chain ring had a gold centre originally but I 2 pac'd it today to add a pit more... got some other little touches to through in but it should look pretty mean when done. thanks Gordy! can't bring myself to tear off the OG haro wrapping
  7. Been a while since Ive posted here... or built a bike for that matter. I had this Nos frame set for a few years and then sold it and then bought it back again and decided to finally bring it to glory. Early days but you should be able to get the vibe of where I'm heading.
  8. this is looking killer! can not believe its the same bike! so happy! ps i think I have more decals if you need!
  9. this will be going up for grabs soon. As an unfinished project or parted out. hit me with interest before it goes on the choppin block! need money to get my vee dub running
  10. So this is getting closer to finished. just a quick update
  11. Ok ok... ive been caught out here! didnt want anyone to know until my white gold 92 was finished. here it is ( premature ) I got it blasted a while back.... a little bit of OG paint under gusset and took this one today , in the booth with fresh paint! had to squint as its to bright lol
  12. Not smart drew.... Picking fights with the nicest guy on this forum... Douche Anyway , u got that bike yet drew?? Post some pics!
  13. Love the Tours, Yours has cleaned up super nice!!! good work! here is my Show from the same year, very similar!! id call them brothers.
  14. fst /fsx was only seperated by wheels when released... fst had 48's and FSX came with skyway OE's
  15. Hurry up Jim!! you got us all excited about another 95 master.... i need to quench my thirst with Pictures ... keen on seeing the sport also!!