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  1. where are you thinking they should put one john??? i would think they should boost the already existing clubs facilities and tracks.. good to see someone having a dig... i would love a track down here...closest in NSW is casino... nerang is till 40 min away
  2. should be good for aussies Paul.. best of luck..
  3. looking good willy....
  4. looking good ...
  5. stop it !!!!!
  6. roy boy does this sort of stuff.... havn't seen him on here for a while but he is on The B*% forum alot... hope that helps..
  7. i ran in to matty (JMCGT) today at the nerang nats and mentioned that John posted somthing about me... thanks John... i'm glad you liked the story, mahoney helped me write it.. it wasnt the easiest thing to put to press,im just hoping that it will at least deter 1 kid,and if it does, it was well worth it.. thanks for the props boys..and hutchy,dont fall asleep on me again please..
  8. 96 qualifier
  9. swifty
  10. the green hornet is for sale via scotty hand (flats72)
  11. this thing is so amazing to ride.... i love it
  12. 1 bucket thursday night 2 buckets friday night.. all for the sake of carbo protein loading
  13. 20" + retro + 24" it would be great to see at least a full gate in the retro class.... i know pete mees has worked hard to secure this class in the states...the least we can do is show some support .. yeeeeee haaaaaa
  14. happy birthday brutha....
  15. has any one bleached a mongoose M1 vented black seat ? is this possible??? and if so, can you then dye it another colour??? thanks