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  1. i know that feeling mate, thanks!
  2. you're welcome scotty - thanks for that mate! saves me time and $$$ to resto my one - thanks mick i know that feeling mate thanks arch! hence saved me the time to build my first gt with all the parts I've collected for it. rest of the parts can go to future builds i guess that makes it easy! i rarely sell but i know scotty will be cool about it if ever do place something back on the market thanks mate, i always appreciate when a good deal comes up for both parties
  3. Dibs
  4. I'm very patient too stan but I've lost interest in the deal now so I've put a pp claim in to get a refund. no big deal just following procedure
  5. yep - was waiting on a nos black dc 890 caliper i bought on here. will pm you now. thx rado
  6. thx alan thx mate. if u get to him before i do he can msg me on museum same name as here. cheers fellas
  7. ah that explains it! thx brick hope ur well bud
  8. Need to sort out a recent purchase if anyone has heard from him lately please reply. thx!
  9. Paid!
  10. Dibs gt seat cover mate
  11. Sst

    Best hubs ever!
  12. looking good mate. always like a nice fresh motomag build …hope to see it at hursty!
  13. Swap Meet today Saturday Feb 6, kick off time is 8am. Old School BMX, dragster etc. In the carpark of Gonzlab 2/3 Vernon Ave Heidelberg West, Victoria. Good chance to pick up some bargains or sell some of your leftovers, meet the Master of Metal Peter / Gonz. He's an Old School rider, bike builder, barista & beer brewer extraordinaire! Entry is free & If you want to sell its only 5 bucks!
  14. Great pick up! ...2nd dibs for formalities lol