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  1. thanks Russ they were good times, the kids loved them
  2. I deleted something I was gunna post, then that pic comes up more bmx info those heads than Funk & Wagnalls
  3. one or two words ok lets try........ - be nice - have fun - make friends - have respect - ride bikes - collect bikes - sell bikes - dont be a smartass and never forget that Craig not only collects nice rides but if ya line em up side by side he can jump the the fucken lot of em too that was the best pic ever. anyhoo we all know the problem , I personally dont have a problem yet with the problem but........ ok right example: Xavier OZBMX is the "MCG" man you built a great arena mate awsome and we the members are the "playaz" we play here all the time and put on a great show but sometimes something dirty happens the umpires (mods) dont see all that happens and have to be conciderate of all involved and be fair like say stopping the topic but not fixing the problem just to keep the game going on the rest of the ground...... fair enuff the umpires do it fer love not profit.... but I think the problem should man up and opologize to those who deserve it or do as others have had to do and watch out fer that fucken door! ........waiting for a pm or deletion..................
  4. a damn good read this thread, and thanks Craig for everything you do in this sport I went to Adelaide and watched you win.......shit damn you can ride mate you brought the stadium to its feet, and thanks for your honesty and to Xaiver as well but it seems Ive heard the topic before, I bearly say anything on here anymore mainly cause most of my ol mates have gone from here I still log on daily to check out new threads and the babes on bikes of course, 2 years ago this place was party central but its more like pass the parcel now...... the best way to find out who walked the dog shit all over the carpet is to check everyones shoes..........its on their sole so instead of bangin doors on arse's wipe yer fucken feet on the way in nebsirb
  5. holy tit nipple that sheila showin the the side titty and massive arse crackerage has given me a stiff pipe that I could smash windows with.......glad this is only soft porn so the windows are safe for now................!
  6. I gotz a pair and I aint sellin em, they are just the coolest things
  7. ha we got a young bloke in my area me and the kids call the "goob" he spits at everything he throws shit at birds, and Ive seen him get tangled and trip up on peoples gardens along fence lines, we think he is not all there upstairs but he is harmless, but get excited when we see him on the footpath as we drive along just watching for him to do something funny.
  8. looks like a cross between DEXTER and a DARLEK (dr who) but its tryin hard to get its robot hands on the chicky babe
  9. nuthin wrong with a MAXI check my avatar thats me as a 13yr old hard dick doin a bar spin on my old MAXI
  10. she is fucken hot but whats with the robot???maybe WAZA can help......EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE!!!!!
  11. good too see this thread is being kept clean, so as I can still get my xxx fix elsewhere
  12. rarest of the rare rarest un-named rare section of rare steeds cause no-one can identify its rare origin yet........the search continues
  13. yep gotta be careful some platers will completely rub out those nice welds we get all goo-goo eyed over
  14. er I think bear trap can do a sticka too